WSS 3.0 and SharePoint 2007 August 2009 Cumulative Updates are published

UPDATE – 10/13/09 They have updated the WSS package. It went live on October 7th. Now, you can safely download the WSS CU package using the link below and it should not contain the database attach issue.  Links to both the WSS and MOSS CU packages are below.

UPDATE – 10/01/09: They are updating the WSS CU package to resolve the issue described in the blog posts below…I will update this post again when the new package is live. Right now, you just need to wait for the new package and do not use the previous WSS CU version.

New build available for August CU


However, note there is an issue with the current cumulative update (CU) packages. Please read the following posts and determine if this issue will effect you before installing the packages:

Important: Be careful when installing WSS August Cumulative Update

WSS August CU and re-attached content databases

You can download the packages by using the “View and request hotfix downloads” link at the top of the KB articles:

WSS 3.0 August 2009 Cumulative Update “Server Package”

SharePoint 2007 August 2009 Cumulative Updates “Server Package”

As always, you can get the most current information about the updates by visiting the TechNet Updates Resource Center for SharePoint Products and Technologies

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1 Response to WSS 3.0 and SharePoint 2007 August 2009 Cumulative Updates are published

  1. J.D. Wade says:

    Chatted with Rich Finn and Todd Klindt about this on Twitter, as Todd mentioned and I agree:

    @ToddKlindt: @JDWade @richfinn That’s a pretty big issue. I’d avoid that CU until they get that hashed out.

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